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For four days the pain in the upper abdomen of a 39 to take-Year-old man steadily, so that he house in London in the emergency Department of the Royal Free sick help. He told the Doctors that he had to pass twice, apart from normal food and drink. His digestion was otherwise normal.

When Sampling a defensive tension shows itself in the upper right abdominal area. The man also has a 38.8-degree Celsius fever, the Doctors in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”. Otherwise nothing Special on them at the first examination.

His diabetes medication, he has sold

The man does not smoke and drinks little alcohol. Three years ago, he was already due to an acute inflammation of the pancreas in treatment of fat, the Doctors at the time to increased blood values attributed. In addition, the husband has type 2 Diabetes and is overweight. Him the Diabetes medication that was prescribed Metformin and a Statin to reduce blood fats. However, the Patient had felt by the ingestion of the two drugs is uncomfortable and, therefore, a few months ago, discontinued.

The Doctors take the patient’s blood for a study, but you can analyze this sample barely has a high fat content. The so-called triglycerides, the blood fat, about 100 grams per Liter of blood. Normal values of up to 1.5 grams of fat per litre of blood. Also be cholesterol level increased significantly: About 10 grams per Liter, while values below two grams per Liter will be sought.

Also in the inflammation of the pancreas three years ago, the Patient had fat increased blood cholesterol values, however, they were nowhere near as high as it is now. In order to examine the blood more closely, send the Doctors in a special laboratory. There, among other things, the amount of the so-called C is determined-reactive Protein, as well as the number of white blood cells. Both values are too high, what suggests that the man has a inflammation in the body. The long-term blood sugar (HbA1C) is too high: This is due to his Diabetes and the drugs supplied is not surprising.

A computer tomography of the abdominal cavity suggests that the man has an inflamed pancreas. Because this can be triggered due to gallstones, the Doctors is the bile to the bladder and not just in CT, but also ultrasound – you will discover, however, no gall stones.

The Doctors now assume that the Patient has a so-called pancreatitis, an acute inflammation of the pancreas, which was caused by the high blood fat values. But, as his exorbitant fat values come about? You wonder if he suffers from an inherited metabolic disorder.

Up to three litres a day

Before starting further Tests, talk with the man, which turns out to be the right decision. Because when you speak with him about his eating habits, he says that he has drunk in the past half year, every day at least a Liter of whole milk, and sometimes there were even three litres a day. I started it, because he had the feeling that the milk will help against heartburn. But then it was like an Addiction. A Liter of whole milk contains about fat, 35 grams.

In 2017, the Japanese Doctors had reported of a similar case: The Patient affected was also type-2-Diabetetiker and had been drinking for two months, every day, around two litres of milk. He also developed pancreatitis and even an over-Acidification of the blood.

Type 2 Diabetes affects not only blood sugar but also the blood fat values, therefore, these are in diabetics is often higher – and explains why the fats in the blood in the case of the British patient got so out of control.

The Doctors give the man pain medication and intravenous fluid. You inject him with Insulin and administered to him a series of medications to bring his blood levels back into a normal range. Discuss with the patient how serious his condition is, and that he change his diet and his medication in the future should take. He says that before him never explain to someone why the funds are so important.

After ten days in the hospital and 6.6 grams of fat in a Liter of blood. His cholesterol value is increased with 1.8 grams per Liter even.