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Healthy lifestyle protects against breast cancer

Many cases of breast cancer could be decreased by simple changes in lifestyle to avoid. This is especially true for women after Menopause. Experts give four recommendations, proven to reduce the risk.

According to expert estimates, every third case of breast cancer could be prevented if women after Menopause on your weight, do more exercise, a healthy diet and little alcohol. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women around the world. Numerous studies come to the same conclusion: lifestyle Changes are the best and easiest Form of prevention.

In the year 2018 updated the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for cancer research recommendations for breast cancer prevention after Menopause. The most important are:

  • Down with the weight: women who are Overweight after the Menopause, a 1.5 – to 2-fold increased risk of breast cancer. It is believed that the body fat higher Insulin – and Estradiol-leading distribution and of inflammation and thus the risk of cancer increases.
  • More sports: according to estimates, could be any one of eighth breast cancer by more physical activity are prevented.
  • Less alcohol: alcohol is a carcinogenic substance, the 6.4 per cent of breast cancer cases attributed to are: The more a woman drinks, the higher the risk of breast cancer.
  • More fruits and vegetables: In a large study from the year 2017 was the consumption of vegetables with a little starch with a lower risk of breast cancer associated.


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