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Hendrik Streeck: “There are many questions that can’t be answered by a physician.”

The role of the virologist, it must be limited, the calls, of all things, one of Germany’s chief virologists, Hendrik Streeck, the University of Bonn. “There are many questions that can’t be answered by a physician.” For example, if it was a matter of the proportionality of the means. Streeck wants a pragmatic approach to dealing with the Virus, which belong to our new reality of life. “It will remain”.

The society must decide how it wants the everyday life with the Virus shape. “We as a virologists play a role, but only a role.” It should not be ignored, “what’s it doing with children, if one forbids you to play with your friends, or to be allowed to touch each other.” Child psychologists and sociologists would have to be more involved in the debate: “their voices are heard, in my opinion, too little.”


Hendrik Streeck: “I think the danger, to get me through children Covid-19 home, for the low”

Streeck, personally, would have no problems to send his children to school, even if there is a risk lived patient in the household. “I think the risk that I’m going to get on children Covid-19 home, for the low,” says the scientist. Also, he would send his children in the summer holidays, to grandma and grandpa. Streeck argues in favour of older people not to patronize: “An 82-year-old woman has taken in her life, many risk assessments, she has witnessed the end of the Second world war. You can decide for yourself whether you want to take the risk to see their grandchildren. We don’t need to do that for you.“

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