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How India’s police is fighting with the red helmets against Corona

A police unit in India has found a special method in the fight against the novel coronavirus: A thematically customized Uniform, you want to show the population that you can catch on the street. This is the residents of the Western Indian city of Surat is the method like. “It felt good, I think, that leads to good results. You are here, come and have a nice talk with us, they said we should stay at home and we will definitely stick to it.” Authoritarian crackdown of the police in India is not uncommon.

Deputy Superintendent Gohil, however, to his colourful method: “Instead of hitting people with sticks, or to impose strict measures, I wanted to solve it in a fun way, to raise the awareness of people for the location. In my experience, it is so, when it’s explained to the people something with love, then you take it a lot easier and implement it as well.” Already on 24. March, the country has imposed more Lockdown on the Indian subcontinent. Currently under 4,000 contagion cases are known. Many experts fear, however, that the country is still in a dire situation is imminent.