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Longer life with a lot of Chili

Who likes to eat spicy, this can do for their health for the sake of quiet, A study from Italy showed that regular consumption of Chili was associated with an overall 23 per cent reduction in mortality. The type of preparation seems to be irrelevant, because in studies from China and the United States, similar effects have been described.

People who ate at least four times per week in Chili, died in the study period of 8 years to attacks 40 percent less likely to have a heart and only half as often, a stroke as people who did not eat Chili. This Italian study, with almost 23,000 participants, is the first work from Europe, and describes the positive effects of Chili. Previously, the health-promoting effects had been already observed in studies from China and the United States. The author of the study Maria Laura Bonaccio said: "An interesting fact is that the protection was independent of the type of diet. In other words: those who followed a healthy Mediterranean diet, while others ate less healthy, but for all the Chili had a protective effect."

Chili peppers are attributed to for centuries the beneficial properties of all type, mostly because of anecdotes, traditions, or magic. Bonaccio is of the opinion that this should be scientifically underpinned: "It is important that the research addresses a serious. We now know that the various plants of the Capsicum species, although they are consumed throughout the world in different ways, can exercise a protective effect on our health." The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.