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The local pharmacist is a part of home

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), has stated in an Interview with the apotheken Umschau its Position on key points of medical care in Germany

Editor-in-chief Hans Haltmeier in Gespräch with the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn

Since the Europäcourt of justice in 2016, a controversial decision to mail order prescription drugs über EU-Läof boundaries has taken füfear German pharmacies a strong disadvantage by dumping prices ausläinternational Shipper. You are asking the German government to ban this "Rx-Versandhandels", the AmtsvorgäViking Hermann Gröhe (CDU) enforce wanted.

About the shipping trade of drugs

Jens Spahn has not positioned itself so far on this matter is clear. "It can’t be," he said the pharmacies Umschau, "that pharmacies that ship from outside the EU, prescription drugs to Germany, give discounts köand not to the German drug price regulation are bound. I consider, therefore, the judgment of the Europäcourt of justice of 2016, the shipping trade möresembled makes, in the approach für incorrectly. But we münow deal with it."

Concrete steps not called Spahn so far, but stresses: "I mökilled everything to try to have a fair competition. If this is not successful, the ban we take a General shipping trade für prescription medications in the views."

The topic of third-party ownership ban of pharmacies

A claim of the top Association of Statutory health insurance funds, the third – party and multiple ownership to repeal prohibition and to allow this in Germany pharmacy chains, shall give Spahn a clear rejection: "This is absolutely not an issue! The local pharmacy remains an important part of our supply. And the vertränot gt with investors looking only to the rate of return. In the same way as the family doctor, the pharmacist is part of the home. It könot we can do without."

The Topic Of Digitisation

It’s much faster and calls Spahn of the health care industry on the subject of digitization: "In the same way as the Ädoctors, I say to the pharmacists: The digitization köcan’t we stop. Either we make the digital change, or we suffer with him. Bücitizens, Insured persons, patients want to manage digital offers, because they make life easier – also in health issues."

Spahn looks the danger, German Qualitästandards köcould be lost &quot: ;We köthese offers can be in the context of our structures, develop our idea of data security and Qualität. Otherwise, you just come from China, from the United States or Israel. I möluckily this comes from Germany, and our Ädoctors and pharmacists actively involved in."

The Topic Of Disease Prevention

The Prävention act mökilled Spahn in this legislature on the Prüfstand – and has clear claims to health insurers: "At the Moment, every health insurance company is seven euros per Insured für Gesundheitsföpromotion. But each insurance company makes their own thing. I think it’s better. Particularly in schools and Kindergägardens, when it comes to young people’s healthy Ernäcurrency and movement to teach. The funds should work together."

The Topic Of Sugar Tax

Taxes, such as on sugary foods, hält Spahn für unsuitable people to a gesüto move or other life style &quot: ;Taxes are not the way to go. You wüauthorities the Wrong meeting. Therefore, I put together with the Ernäcurrency Minister rather on voluntary agreements with the industry."

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