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The Science Behind Those Romantic Bachelorette Dates

The Bachelorette is finishing up for another year and like the rest of Australia our hearts are breaking over the last remaining bachelors.

Let’s be honest as much as the bachelors like to think Georgia spends all of her spare time planning those lavish, romantic dates lighting 8721 candles. We all know that the show’s producers have spent many painstaking hours striking matches 😉 (gedddiiiittt ?).

It looks like a study by The Science Of Us is the inspiration behind the producer’s strategies. The study found a link between arousing scenarios (no, in the thrilling and motivating sense, not what you were thinking!) and sexual attraction. The study reveals that our emotions get confused when in these high-adrenalin situations and we misattribute this feeling with the person we are experiencing it with rather than ourselves.

So when the bachelors are pushed to their boundaries, doing things they have never once dared before (something he would normally be scared of or hate or complain his whole way through) it actually strengthens their connection.

For example when the boys were pushed to the limits in an adrenaline pumping group date on the trapeze! Which surprise, surprise Matty J won.

So it looks like the show has it down to a fine art. The study concludes that the chemistry and sexual desire between you and your partner isn’t just down to looks but the things you have experienced together. Fellas, those extravagant, exciting dates will pay off later!

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