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The surgeon, the walls tear

Anyone who calls this Thursday, the Google home page, among other things, in the UK, Canada and Australia, the looks instead of the usual company logo, the drawing of a serious-looking woman in scrubs. Behind her, all the hand-operation is to recognise Cutlery. With this Doodle, the group celebrates Blake Louisa Aldrich. Today 154 years ago, the legendary surgeon, was born.

To the goods during their lifetime, women in the field of medicine, at best, as the nurses established. Aldrich-Blake was going to change that. With just 22 years, she enrolled at the London School of Medicine for Women. Your request: “do Something meaningful”. Aldrich-Blake’s Talent was enormous, and in 1895 she was awarded a Master of Surgery – the first woman in the English history at all.

As one of the First she ventured to the operative treatment of rectal, and cancers of the uterus. Their findings were published in prestigious journals, as early as 1910 Aldrich-Blake, chief surgeon was.

Call to other women to defy the prejudice

In the first world war, the Doctor has made in your holidays voluntary service in a hospital camp near Paris, and kept there many Wounded before the death. Time of your life you don’t want to bend the, in spite of their successes – a persistent prejudice that women on the OP – table are only of use as assistants. During the war, she used her far rechendes network, to encourage other Doctors to volunteer service. A large number of women followed up to its reputation.

In 1925 she was appointed for her contributions to the lady of the British Empire, a Statue of Aldrich-Blake stands near the British Medical Association in London.

28. Of December, 1925, died in Louisa Aldrich-Blake. However, her contributions to cancer research and the equal rights of women in medicine halls, to the present.

Editors ‘ note: In an earlier Version of the text, it was said that the Doodle on the home page in Germany is to be seen. We have adjusted the text.