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These 5 Apps Can Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

It’s New Year’s resolution time, and you know how it goes: You stock up on new cookbooks, restart that gym membership, buy blackout shades so you can score quality sleep, and take other steps to prep you for making your healthy pledge happen. But before January is over, you drift back to your old ways.

Instead of going down this same path this year, we suggest using your smartphone to help you achieve your goals (hey, you already use it for everything else, right?). Here are five apps to download that can make 2018 the year your resolution sticks.

If your resolution is to lose weight

App: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal isn’t new, but with a database containing the calorie counts for more than five million foods, it’s an essential tool for anyone hoping to keep track of what they eat. And if your meal is homemade from an online recipe, just paste in the recipe URL and the app will give you the calorie count. Log your eating habits and physical activity (the app has 350 exercises loaded on it) while sharing tips and advice with your friends.

Get: Free, IOS and Android

If you want to be more productive and organized


The app is like having personal assistant in your pocket. Keep track of events and tasks with this easy-to-use reminder tool. We love this app because you can share your lists and chat about your to-dos with your family and friends. Another bonus, the Any.Do Assistant uses robot technology to accomplish those mundane and tedious responsibilities you put off for as long as possible, like online shopping and scheduling appointments.

Get: Free, IOS and Android 

If your goal is to feel calm and centered

App: Pacifica

Manage your stress and anxiety with this free psychologist-designed cognitive behavioral therapy app. Pacifica provides users with relaxation techniques, mood tracking devices, and self-help audio lessons to help you feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed. You also have access to a community of other users dealing with mental and emotional health issues.

Get: Free, IOS and Android 

If you want better sex

App: IKamasutra/IKamasutra Lite

A healthy sex life means trying new things, and this sexy app has that covered. IKamasutra features more than 100 different sex positions in nine categories, and it’s always suggesting new ones for you. Swipe right ones you like, and the app moves them to a to-do list that includes how-to and descriptions. 

Get: IKamasutra Lite is free; the regular app is $2.99 IOS, Android 

If you hope to run a marathon

App: Couch-to-5K

If making it to the finish line of a 5K is your 2018 goal, this app is the running coach that’ll get you there. This training program is designed to take users from couch potato to in-shape runner in just nine weeks. Select your own trainer, sync it with your music playlists, and track your daily progress . . . and imagine how awesome you’ll feel when you’ve completed those 3.1 miles.

Get: $2.99, IOS and Android 

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