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This Is How Far Into The Relationship Most People Say I Love You

The perfect time to say those three big words is completely dependent on each and every relationship but be honest, you’re kind of curious about when everyone else is doing it…

Saying ‘I love you’ to your significant other for the very first time is a pretty big deal. Some people are bursting at the seams to spit it out while others are packing their dacks at the prospect.  

But according to research, on average, most people (22%) are dropping the L bomb ‘within three months’. The YouGov survey of 3,947 men and women in the UK, found that ‘within six months’ (14%) came in second place, followed by ‘within a month’ (13%).

There’s really no right or wrong time to do it, here are some of our team’s ‘I love you’ moments went down.

“I said it first. We’d been together about a month and I hadn’t been giving it much thought, but it just came out of my mouth one morning while we were lying in bed. I’d never felt more in love with anyone. Thankfully he responded with “I love you too”! Now we’ve been married for 10 years.”

“A couple of weeks into dating, my partner accidentally yelled it at me in the heat of the moment when we were playing (and winning) a board game at a friend’s house party. It was awkward and hilarious and we’re still together.”

“I had to have a few vodkas before I could muster up the courage, I was so nervous I ended up awkwardly whispering it in his ear.”

“My boyfriend sent me a huge bunch of roses and wrote me a love letter on Valentine’s day.

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