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This is What Happened When WH Trained With an AFLW Team

The GWS Giants do a 'zig-zag' drill

The coaches made the players stand in 2 rows, staggered, to handball the ball across to each other down the line in a zig-zag pattern. No dropping allowed! 

WH gives it a go

Women’s Health’s go at the handballing. Face palm.

Time for a kicking drill

These ball skills drills went on for about 40 minutes. Kick time now. We stayed out of this one too and kicked to each other. 

Our kick to kick

Poor camerawoman!

Game time!

This drill was our fave. It involved handballing the footy to your partner opposite you – we had to aim for the two balls to clash in the middle, then catch the ricocheting ball in the air. The partners who catch the ball the most times are the winners.

WH on the battle ropes

They didn’t let us sit out of this one. We did HIIT training on the battle ropes and also ‘kranking’ – this machine that’s like a stationary bike except that you work your arms instead of your legs. 20 secs on, 20 secs off. Whew!

Gym time

The last hour of the 2-hour training session was spent in the gym, doing a circuit of weights, bodyweight, balance exercises and more. We got in on it and now we’re hurting.

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