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This Is Your Soul Mate, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Real talk: Right after you go on a first date, what’s the first thing you do? Social media stalk their Insta? Call your BFF? Try to scope out their sign to find out if you’re a match made in the cosmos?

If it’s the former, no shame. Who doesn’t want some external validation that your potential new boo is a solid match for you? And, as it turns out, the universe has a few ideas about who might make an especially solid partner.

To get the low down, we consulted astrologer and life coach Linda Joyce to find out who is most compatible for you, based on your zodiac sign.


You need to feel loved and inspired to be happy, Aries. And, when it comes to love, you’re torn between wanting to stay safe and nurtured, and wanting something a little more adventurous. The best sign for you is Libra, who is usually the seeker of truth, beauty, and balance.

If you’re just looking for some seriously hot sex, a Scorpio or Pisces should do the trick. They’re both water signs that are known for their horniness. 


You crave unconditional love, and want to attract someone instead of having to do all the work to pursue them. You’re most attracted to signs that are strong and centred, which is why Aries is a good sign for you.

When it comes to sex, Scorpio will bring a lot of passion. Cancer and Pisces also work well for you—they bring strong emotions, which makes you feel complete.


You’re not always sure what you need, Gem, so you often look out for experience and adventure in an S.O. Sagittarius brings wisdom, and a love of travel and adventure to the relationship, making them a good match for you.

In bed, Cancers can bring a little humour and emotion to things, while Capricorn can bring out your hidden desires.


You want a partner who has boundaries, and is loyal, reliable, and different. That’s why Capricorn is a solid match for you. Capricorns are strong, but their ego won’t overwhelm you.

When it comes to sex, Aquarians can be challenging—which is a huge turn-on for you. Scorpios are also a good match: Their strength, intensity of emotions, and ability to surrender sexually is really hot for you.


You want recognition for being special, Leo, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You also really want to learn from a partner or teach them what you know. Aquarius is a good match for you: They bring a lack of competition to the relationship and help you explore new ideas.

Pisces make great sexual partners for you—they’re in the moment, sexy, and mysterious.


You’re attracted to what you don’t understand, Virgo, and aren’t into people who are superficial. Scorpio’s are a great match for you. They’re sexy, mysterious, and strong, and they know how to take charge and make you feel secure.

Aries can be a turn-on for you because they know what they want, and they’re extremely sexy and physical.


You want balance, a strong centre, and a focus on yourself instead of others, Libra. Aries are the perfect match for you. They have a strong ego and they bring clarity and vision to your relationship. Together, you share a love of knowledge, ideas, and beauty.

In the bedroom, Taurus is the best match. They can bring a physical presence and passion that you need.


You dig intensity, perseverance, and strength, and you need an equal partner in life. That’s why Aries are compatible for you—they’re direct, idealistic, intense, and passionate. You just get each other.

Here’s the good news for your sex life: You can get along with any sign, but Geminis tend to turn you on because their lightness and fun-loving nature gives you a good balance.


You’re inspired by knowledge and new ideas, Sag. Aquarius is a good match because they have an internal quest for knowledge and truth, two things you love. They’re also playful, and can help you kick back and open up.

In bed, Cancers have the deep and powerful emotions you need to get you out of your head.


You’re attracted to relationships that you don’t understand and can’t control, Capricorn. Cancers can bring the mystery and depth of emotions that you need, and can inject a little spontaneity into your life.

When it comes to sex, you’re super compatible with Leo. Leos have a strong center—they know who they are or how they want to be perceived—and when you get together, there’s some solid passion.


You want to express your uniqueness and be accepted for who you really are. You need a sign that’s centred to help you find balance, which is why Leo is a good match. You’re both very independent and have a desire to help others.

When it comes to sex, Virgos are very sexy and focused, exactly what you need to help you let loose in bed.


You can struggle to feel anchored in this world, and you love people who are confident, smart, and capable. Leo brings all of this to the table—they’re sexy and action-oriented, as well as spiritual. It’s a wonderful fit.

As for sex, a Pisces responds to your intensity and sexuality. You’re both intuitive and able to sense each other’s needs—and you both like to give and receive.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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