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Thousands of unfilled Vacancies – staffing in German hospitals is getting worse

Many hospitals in Germany have to fill difficulty of care points. Nationwide, approximately 17,000 nursing posts are vacant, as on Friday published hospital-Barometer of the German hospital Institute (DKI) is demonstrated. Four out of five hospitals have currently problems to filling Vacancies in the nursing service at the General stations. The bigger the clinic, the greater, therefore, is the Problem. In addition, three of the four hospitals, the Doctors are looking for.

Almost every hospital of 600 beds is able to occupy according to the survey, currently open foster homes. Similar to dramatic as to the General stations, the problems in the intensive care are.

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Strongly, the employment of temporary workers has increased accordingly. Each of the second hospital, she was on General wards, their share has doubled in comparison to the year 2015 almost. The turnover rate of nurses increased, particularly in large hospitals.

Blocked Beds

“The Situation has intensified dramatically,” said the President of the German hospital society (DKG), Gerald Gass. “The policy urgently needs to take effective counter-measures for the relief of the staff, otherwise we are heading for a serious supply crisis.” So the bureaucracy had to be reduced last, finally, consistently.

The skill shortages have already led to the fact that many services can no longer be offered. In each of the third hospital had to be closed beds, therefore, at times intense and individual departments will be temporarily logged out of the emergency care.

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“We need the support of the policy, to be able to this immense task to cope with” said Gass. The clinics have tried, with various measures already for some time, to attract more trainees and to keep Nurses in the profession. “Even if more training places are available, this is not sufficient to cover the future need for nurses,” said the DCT President. “We urgently need more opportunities the Delegation and Substitution of care services to care assistants.”

The Chairman of the medical Association Marburger Bund, Susanne Johna, said: “The Personnel crisis in the hospitals is not fallen from the sky.” He had his cause in a “politically motivated, cost-competitive and an ever-increasing bureaucratic Overload”.

The policy must provide “finally, for a better environment”, invited Johna. The vacancies in care are also an expression of a lack of appreciation: “The nursing profession needs more recognition. This must also be reflected in a better remuneration down.”

Vulnerable Patients?

The SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach warned that the shortage of nursing staff and Physicians, “the patient’s health increasingly at risk”. He requested in addition to a better payment of nurses and the rapid introduction of a 35-hour-week with full wage compensation. “The only way we can sufficiently attract people to the nursing profession,” said Lauterbach, the Berliner “Tagesspiegel” (Saturday edition).

The annual, prestigious hospital Barometer will be created in the order of the bearer of the DKI, the German hospital society, the Association of hospital Directors in Germany (VKD) and the Association of the leading hospital doctors of Germany (VLK) are. In writing of the houses were interviewed on General hospital from 100 beds. There are a total of 268 hospitals were involved.

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