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Vaginal fungus: intimate hygiene, do not overdo it

Itching, discharge, redness, dryness, swelling, and pain are unpleasant symptoms associated with a vaginal fungus infection. Some women are more prone to it than others. In the pharmacy there are over-the-counter means of an infection can be treated.

Mushrooms belong to a healthy skin flora to. You device is out of balance and shifts the pH of the vagina, the fungi have an easy game. They multiply and crowd out the helpful vaginal bacteria.

Many fungal infections in the vaginal area caused by yeast-like fungi. A possible source of infection can be unprotected sex, most of the mushrooms are already on the vaginal mucosa. Also chlorinated water contributes to infection. While the fungi survive in the water, are killed by the vaginal bacteria due to the chlorine; this leads to overgrowth of yeast-like fungi called. Also, antibiotics are often the trigger, because they disrupt the bacterial balance in the intestines and the vaginal mucous membrane: non-specific antibiotics kill bacteria from – also the beneficial lactic acid bacteria. In addition, fungus-caused infections is easier if the hormone balance fluctuates, such as in pregnancy or by taking hormone supplements. Metabolic disorders such as Diabetes or immune debilitating diseases carry the risk of infection.

Of the supposedly effective home remedies, introducing with the yogurt-soaked Tampon in the Vagina discourages the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony. The dairy products are dosed this is neither sufficient nor tested. Excessive care with aggressive or heavily scented skin care products is also not recommended: These products change the skin’s natural flora and allow the growth of fungi.

In the local pharmacy can be affected women advise. For single-or three-day vaginal use, there are over-the-counter vaginal suppositories or tablets as well as combination preparations with creams for external use. In the case of a fungal infection, it with always treated the Partner. From case to case, disinfecting the ends of the end, or iodine-containing solutions or medicines with re-building cultures of bacteria useful. The condition does not improve, by itself treatment, the complaints are even stronger, or the infections occur more frequently, is going to the doctor makes sense. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony advises Pregnant women and young women under the age of 18 years, before self-treatment consult always a physician.

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