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Women Who Use Vibrators With Their Partner Have More Satisfying Sex Lives

According to a new study published in the journal Psychology & Sexuality, there’s a strong link between sexual satisfaction and vibrator use – both alone and with your partner.

After surveying 488 participants, researchers found that those who regularly used a vibe with their SO felt more positively about their bedroom antics than those who only did so solo. They were also more likely to agree with statements such as “My partner has no difficulty in talking to me about his or her sexual feelings and desires” and “I seldom feel embarrassed when talking about the details of our sex life with my partner.”

“The most important takeaway from this paper is that it may be important to consider vibrator use during both solitary and partnered sexual activity,” the study’s authors Stéphanie E. M. Gauvin and Lindsey R. Yessick told PsyPost.

“It appears that using a vibrator during both forms of sexual activity is related to experiencing more satisfaction in your sexual relationship and a more favourable balance of the ‘likes’ you receive in your relationship relative to ‘dislikes.”

Interestingly, however, these findings weren’t related to sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, lubrication or pain.

“Given that the data are correlational, we do not know whether a discrepancy between solitary and partnered vibrator use is causing the differences that we are observing across the groups. It is possible that the differences we are seeing are actually reflecting individual differences or differences in relationship characteristics,” the researchers explained.

Communication, of course, is a likely factor here. 

“For example, sexual assertiveness and communication may allow individuals to disclose their sexual likes and dislikes (such as their preference for vibrator use) which may facilitate a more satisfying sexual experience. Indeed, our preliminary analyses also found differences between women in communication, suggesting that the relationship between vibrator use and satisfaction may be more complicated.”

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