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Beautiful Bella Is Looking for her Constant Companion!

Meet Bella from Los Angeles! Like her name implies, Bella is a very cute and curious gal. She really enjoys being around people and is quick to let you know when she wants your attention—especially when it’s mealtime! Bella will headbutt you when she hasn’t seen you for a while, and she’ll sit by your feet when she sees you preparing her food.

Bella would love to be adopted into a quiet home with lots of places to climb up high and perch. She enjoys spending her day sitting by the window, staring outside and watching the birds and squirrels go by. She also has lots of energy and loves playing with all types of cat toys.

While Bella is very sweet and seeks out affection, she prefers short petting sessions before she becomes agitated from overstimulation. She prefers pets on her face and chin and only tolerates full body pets for a short period of time. Our Adoption Team would be happy to provide more information and guidance on how to learn and listen to Bella’s body language!

Want to know the way to Bella’s heart? Treats! She is very food motivated and will come running if she hears plastic bags rustling. She loves to sit next to you on a chair during dinner and is very curious about human food. Potential adopters should know she may do best being in a separate room with her own food and toys to distract her during your mealtime.

Bella has not had any experience with dogs but has been around a younger kitten in her foster home. Because of Bella’s independent nature she would be perfectly happy being the only pet in the home with an adopter who can provide lots of playtime and daily enrichment. Most importantly, she would thrive in a calm environment with no young children.

If Bella sounds like the kitty for you, check out her profile to submit an application!

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