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How You Can Get Involved in Clear the Shelters 2020!

Every year we participate in Clear the Shelters, an annual adoption event that encourages people nationwide to open their hearts to rescue animals and increase adoptions. While this adoption event is normally celebrated on a single day, this year we’ll be celebrating Clear the Shelters for the entire month of August! 

During this month, we’re encouraging animal lovers everywhere to consider adopting an animal from their local rescue or shelter, and we’re hoping to see a record number of adoptions across the country. 

In New York City, the ASPCA Adoption Center has some extra-special kitties we are hoping to find the right matches for during this special month-long event:


Buick spent almost his entire life living with one family. Now, as an 11-year-old senior gentleman, he’s hoping to find a new, loving home where he can spend his golden years enjoying all the good things life has to offer. Buick can be shy around strangers, but under his shy exterior is one of the world’s sweetest, most loving cats. He can sometimes be found seeking attention in the form of pets and scratches from his favorite people, but if they aren’t around this guy has no problem keeping himself entertained! When playtime is over, Buick enjoys spending quality time with his people, being held and being brushed.

Buick has chronic kidney disease, which isn’t uncommon in older cats. He will need to be on a special prescription diet for life, and our Matchmakers would be happy to speak with potential adopters about what this disease looks like and how it progresses. Buick is hoping to find someone who can look past his medical needs and love him for the sweet boy he is. Read more about this special guy!


Cherub will draw you in with her sweet face, but you’ll stay for her darling personality. Aside from keeping up with her good looks, Cherub adores getting physical affection from her people. She prefers attention on her terms but has no qualms about showing you how much she loves it. When she’s happy, Cherub rolls on her back, kneads her paws and purrs! Cherub also enjoys playtime and curling up in small, cozy spots. Learn more about this special kitty and see if she’d be a fit for your family!


KitKat is as sweet has her name suggests! This pretty girl perfectly walks the line between lazy and playful—two of the cutest qualities in a cat! A big fan of lounging around, especially in comfy beds, KitKat can often be found catching up on her beauty sleep. But, don’t let her affinity for naps fool you! She loves to play, too. Aside from playtime and naps, KitKat also loves people! Gentle, soft pets in small doses are her favorite. She also adores being brushed and has no problem expressing her happiness through loud purrs! If you’re looking for a conversationalist, KitKat is probably your girl. She loves discussing everything from the weather to what’s going on in the world with anyone who will listen through lots of meows and cute chirps.

KitKat would do best with an adopter who has some experience with kitties like her. Learn more about this sweet girl today! 

While our animal population at the ASPCA is always shifting, we encourage all of our friends to consider getting involved and making a difference for animals during Clear the Shelters this year. Use the NBC Clear the Shelters map to find an animal rescue or shelter near you today! If you’re in the New York City or Tri-State area, you can also visit our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC and Associated Humane Societies—Newark.

Even if you’re not ready to adopt, you can still help rescue animals by sharing their online profiles with your friends and family on your social media channels. Let them know about Clear the Shelters and encourage more people like you to get involved today! 

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