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This Twist of Fate Is Hoping That Love Can Be Found the Second Time Around!

Did destiny bring you here—or was it Fate? Either way, you’ll be glad—meet our senior sweetheart, Fate!

Here at the Adoption Center in New York City, our staff and volunteers have fallen head over heels for Fate’s silky-soft fur, her perfect rolls and her sweet, wrinkled face. This gal loves everyone she meets and will greet all new friends with a wiggly body and big smile on her face. She is a big fan of playing catch and especially loves plush toys. When playtime is over, she’s quite happy to curl up on the couch and snooze the rest of the day away.

While staying here in Manhattan, the busy city streets have been a little overwhelming for Fate. She’s hoping her adopter understands that she may need some time, patience and love to get adjusted to the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Her ideal home would also be in a quiet, low-traffic area. A fenced-in yard is always a plus!

Fate would be a great fit for most families. If there are any other dogs in the home, she would need to meet them one-on-one first. A Matchmaker can help you with best practices for making doggy introductions! Our team can also give you tips on how to set Fate up for success in your home. 

If the stars have aligned in the tri-state area night sky, and you and Fate seem to be connected by an invisible string, please visit her profile to fill out an application!


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