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How to Prevent Dementia, According to New WHO Guidelines

You can reduce your chances of suffering from dementia by following a few healthy living guidelines, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement yesterday. The guidelines are simple and also support other areas of personal health. They include regularly exercising; controlling your weight; eating healthy foods; refraining from smoking and drinking excessively; and controlling your blood pressure, blood sugar, […]

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5 ways pregnant women can reduce the risk of stillbirth

Five ways pregnant women can reduce the risk of stillbirth, according to top gynecologists Around 1% of births are stillbirths in the US, UK and Australia  That equates to 24,000 stillbirths a year in the US, 4,400 in Australia, and 3,500 in the UK Australia is taking action with a Senate report aiming at reducing […]

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Pot enhances sexual desire, according to science

Long before molly (MDMA) came on the scene, pot was considered the drug of choice to get in the mood for love. Now science is confirming what children of the ’60s have long known. Marijuana can make you more amorous more often. A research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) explored the connection […]