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Couples who share a bed, sleep better

In most countries, couples share a bed. Studies, how this affects the quality of sleep, have so far come to conflicting results. A new study now shows that couples who sleep in the same bed, synchronize your stages of sleep and dreaming. Twelve young, healthy couples spent together, and separated for four nights in the […]

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9 Things Some Men Are Too Afraid to Ask For in Bed

No matter how much crazy-great sex you and your partner might be having, admit it: You’ve wondered if there’s any desire he’s holding back. Hey, chances are you have a fantasy or curiosity that you may or may not have worked up the courage to divulge just yet, so what’s his? To find out, we […]

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This Is Why You Should Never Workout While Hungover

As far as dealing with hangovers are concerned, there are two types of people in this world: the weirdos who insist on ‘sweating it out” and those who typically look more like this: While we can’t deny the post-booze exercise enthusiasts have good intentions (to seize the day despite their throbbing headache), turns out all […]

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How To Turn A Guy On In Bed

While it may not be uncharted territory, your partner’s body has plenty of areas that deserve further exploration. The best part? Hitting his hotspots has serious thigh-quivering benefits for you… His brain Despite what you’ve heard about the head down there, “Orgasm is all about brain activation,” says Gert Holstege, a sexual researcher at the […]