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Bye, 'Gran' — These Grandparent Nicknames Are Anything But Boring

In honor of this weekend’s upcoming Grandparents’ Day, we’re celebrating our parents and our parents’ parents  — because let’s be real, there’s nobody quite like them. Maybe your kids’ grandparents are fun, stern, goofy, whatever, but they’re more than likely hella wise. Because grandparents have been around the block more than once, which also means […]

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This Is The Age You Become Boring, Study Says

In news that will surprise no-one, a survey has found that it’s all over once you hit 35 – at least as far as leading a thrilling life goes. New ‘research’ – we use this term loosely – by AirBnb has found that the ‘peak boring’ age is 35 for women and 39 for men, Harper’s […]