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UN: Skiing may not spread coronavirus but slopes still risky

As several European countries have suspended access to the ski slopes to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization’s emergencies chief said the risk of catching COVID-19 while skiing is likely minimal. “I suspect many people won’t be infected barreling down the slopes on their skis,” said Dr. Michael Ryan said […]

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Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer details experience: Nothing to fear but minor side effects

Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer shares experience Moderna COVID-19 vaccine volunteer, Jack Morningstar, shares trial experience, urges others to take on ‘Fox & Friends.’ A Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shared his experience with "Fox & Friends" Friday, urging everyone to get it to save lives and […]

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Signs of hope in Germany, France but virus strains hospitals

The surge of new coronavirus cases appears to be slowing in Germany and France, generating hopes that the two European heavyweights are beginning to regain control over the pandemic. But authorities said Thursday that hospitals are crowded and are likely to face further strain in the coming weeks. Countries across Europe have implemented lockdown measures […]

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Puppy Mill "Mom” Beats the Odds, but Carries the Trauma

Submitted by Isabella D., Midland, MI When I adopted my dog Groovy from an animal shelter, her backstory broke my heart. The shelter told me she was a breeding dog at a puppy mill, but after trying to breed her several times without getting any puppies from her, the mill dumped her at the shelter. […]

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Global virus death toll passes 94,000, but some signs of hope

Another horror day of the coronavirus pandemic saw the global death toll pass 94,000, although there were tentative signs of hope that the crisis was peaking in the United States and Europe. The picture of the unfolding economic catastrophe also became clearer with the IMF warning of a Great Depression and data showing 17 million […]

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Microscope images reveal tiny but deadly coronavirus particles

Pictured: Microscope images reveal how tiny but deadly coronavirus particles invaded the US patient zero’s cells The CDC has released a new image of the coronavirus invading the cells of the first American patient  Viral particles are shown as blue spheres filled with tiny bluer dots of viral genome inside them  They can be seen […]