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The surprising reason your face mask might be causing dry eye

If you wear contact lenses or have had laser surgery to correct your vision, you’re likely no stranger to dry-eye syndrome. You feel as if your eyes are stinging, and they’re red, irritated, and teary (via American Academy of Opthalmology). And now, there’s a new reason you get dry-eye syndrome that’s tied to the pandemic […]

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Satnavs could cause permanent damage to your memory, scientists warn

Are satnavs causing permanent damage to your memory? Scientists are concerned over-reliance on gadgets could lead to dementia as they leave driver’s brains unstimulated for long periods of time New evidence shows over-reliance on tech may reduce ability to learn and recall Parts of brain crucial for memory stimulated by navigating roads and road signs  […]

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Love Bombing Is The Newest Dating Tactic Causing Trouble

We’ve already had to suffer through ghosting and breadcrumbing – but ‘love bombing’ is the latest form of dating torture. In fact, this technique has been used by notorious cult leaders to manipulate their followers. What is it? We’re talking guys who shower you with love, texts, dinners, flowers, talks about the elusive ‘future’. He […]