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Physicians create guide for identifying, treating vaping lung illness

As lung injuries from vaping continue to rise across the United States, Rochester physicians and New York health leaders developed a new tool to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI). The diagnostic/treatment algorithm, published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, complements and expands upon early guidance […]

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Scientists create brain-mimicking environment to grow 3-D tissue models of brain tumors

A team of Tufts University-led researchers has developed three-dimensional (3-D) human tissue culture models of pediatric and adult brain cancers in a brain-mimicking microenvironment, a significant advancement for the study of brain tumor biology and pharmacological response. The study was published today in Nature Communications. The researchers created models that include brain-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) […]

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How to create health care centaurs—half doctors and half managers

If hospital doctors around the world often struggle to become the half-professionals and half-managers that modern healthcare organizations need, the main responsibility is not their resistance to change, but the lack of effective support from the organization, according to a study by Marco Sartirana (CERGAS, Bocconi University), Graeme Currie (Warwick Business School), and Mirko Noordegraaf […]