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Gut Health ‘Vitally Important’ for Mental Health

Disturbances in gut microbiota are associated with depletion of anti-inflammatory bacteria and proliferation of pro-inflammatory bacteria, a pattern tied to several major psychiatric disorders including depression, bipolar disorder (BD), schizophrenia and anxiety, new research shows. A meta-analysis of 59 studies, encompassing roughly 2600 patients with psychiatric conditions, showed a decrease in microbial richness in patients […]

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Obesity Leads to Depression via Social and Metabolic Factors

New research provides further evidence that a high body mass index (BMI) leads to depressed mood and poor well-being via social and physical factors. Obesity and depression are “major global health challenges; our findings suggest that reducing obesity will lower depression and improve well-being,” co–lead author Jessica O’Loughlin, PhD student, University of Exeter Medical School, […]

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Low-Dose Nitrous Oxide Shows Benefit for Resistant Depression

A 1-hour treatment with a low concentration of nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” appears to relieve symptoms of treatment-resistant major depression (TRMD), with effects lasting as long as several weeks, new research suggests. In a trial with a crossover design, investigators randomly assigned 28 patients with severe TRMD to receive a single 1-hour […]

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Emotional support animals can provide quantifiable benefits to people with serious mental illness

A team led by a social work researcher at The University of Toledo has published the first empirical evidence that emotional support animals can provide quantifiable benefits to individuals with serious mental illness who are experiencing depression, anxiety and loneliness. The research brings credence to the many anecdotal reports of emotional support animals having positive […]

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Postnatal depression TWICE as common in mothers during lockdown

Postnatal depression was TWICE as common among mothers caring for new babies during Covid lockdowns, study claims University College London researchers surveyed 162 mothers in London They found as many as 47 per cent suffered from post-natal depression by June But before the pandemic its rates were 23 per cent in Europe, studies suggest  Mothers […]

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Whitney Port Needs 'Me-Time' to Keep Anxiety & Depression at Bay

Practicing self-care is not easy for busy moms who have been taught to consider the act selfish. This is why Whitney Port’s recent Instagram post during Mental Health Awareness Month is important to help fellow moms view self-care as absolutely necessary, not indulgent. Related story John Legend Warns New Dads About Those Early Postpartum Days […]