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Fluoroscopy Procedure

Fluoroscopy is a diagnostic scan used to study the movement of body structures. This article describes the medical procedure that takes place during a fluoroscopy. X-ray Barium enema showing normal colon mucosa. Image Credit: Richman Photo / Shutterstock What is fluoroscopy? Fluoroscopy shows a continuous X-ray image on a monitor, much like an X-ray movie. […]

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Sleep apnea devices need filter for use in COVID-19, doctor warns

A pair of Yale and Harvard professors have co-designed a circuit device to make machines used by sleep apnea patients safer for use by those infected with the COVID-19 virus. Many people being treated for sleep apnea use small devices known as positive airway pressure (PAP) machines to prevent interruption of breathing during the night. […]

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Why you need to talk to your doctor before you start taking supplements

Before you start shopping for or taking supplements, it’s important to know that not all supplements are created equally. This is because supplements are not as closely regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as prescription medicines and conventional foods are. “Supplements may carry harmful risks such as inaccurate dosing information and contaminated […]

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DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Hip operation rationing is so cruel

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Hip operation rationing is so cruel, it makes people like my gran suicidal Until a hip starts hurting, you don’t appreciate quite how much you depend on it to function. As your joint becomes increasingly worn or damaged, everything becomes painful. Walking hurts. Sitting hurts. Standing up hurts. Even lying […]

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Shortening trainee doctor hours hasn’t harmed patients

When reforms shortened working hours for U.S. doctors-in-training, some worried: Was that enough time to learn the art of medicine? Would future patients suffer? Now a study has answers, finding no difference in hospital deaths, readmissions or costs when comparing results from doctors trained before and after caps limiting duties to 80 hours per week […]