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What does long COVID feel like?

For Anna Chumley, her long-haul COVID-19 symptoms started with a rash. One that would appear and reappear randomly, spotting her back, face and neck with itchy, red bumps. Then, came the constant back pain, chest pain and racing heart. Chumley, who caught COVID in summer 2020, said she would sometimes feel like she couldn’t breathe. […]

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Seven wellness products to help you feel like your best self

Zenb pasta Angell bike Roxy activewear collections The Healing Power Of Flowers Privé No. 5 Serum Fade and Balance LA Pacific Gum Health Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste with CBD Spanx Active spring collection How to get your Metro newspaper fix Metro newspaper is still available for you to pick up every weekday morning or you can […]

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The Candle Scents You Should Burn If You Need To Feel Energized

Candles are typically associated with relaxation, but certain scents actually help boost your energy — so they’re the ones you’ll want to burn when you’ve got work or household chores to attend to. A perfect example is rosemary. Research has shown that rosemary helps wake you up and promotes concentration. A 2013 study published in […]

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Majority feel they’re well informed on COVID-19

Almost nine in ten (85%) people rate their own knowledge about COVID-19 as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, up from 72% in March, find UCL researchers as part of the COVID-19 Social Study. This contrasts with just 5% who think they have poor or very poor knowledge, down from 10% in March, the start of the […]

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Does your pain feel different in English and Spanish?

We take for granted the fact that feelings such as love, happiness, or pain are described with different words and expressions across languages. But are these differences in the ways we express these feelings in different languages also tied to differences in the sensations themselves? Would a painful event like a stubbed toe or a […]

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The reason you feel bloated all the time

You’ve been working out like a fiend, watched every bit of food that you’ve eaten, and skipped treats, all in the name of getting into your favorite outfit. It used to fit like a glove, but now… even after you’ve skipped meals, you feel full, and what is with that pooch? “Bloating is normal and […]

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Why do my teeth feel loose?

It’s one of the strangest, most disconcerting feelings in the world: loose teeth. As an adult, with all your permanent teeth supposedly intact for life, it can be worrying to consider one (or more) of them might be ready to just fall out into your mouth. Still, as with most other things, it’s nothing to […]

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The intestine makes sure that we feel sated

Usually, it is assumed that a full stomach gives a feeling of satiety and we stop eating. Experiments on mice show, however, that the elongation of the intestine plays a much larger role in appetite regulation. A large network of nerve endings monitors the contents of the stomach and intestines and sends signals to the […]