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35 Hot Fall Toys for 2017

What comes between beach toy season and holiday toy season? Fall toys, of course. Even with no major holidays urging you to expand kids’ toy boxes, there are bound to be a few birthday parties or emergency "what will he play with on the airplane" purchases between September and Thanksgiving, right? So we’ve done our […]

Health News

Hope for menopausal women: Scientists find how to banish hot flashes

Hope for menopausal women: Scientists discover a way to banish hot flashes without raising a woman’s stroke risk Scientists have shown we could target a neuron rather than estrogen levels with drugs Hormone replacement therapy reduces hot flashes but increases stroke risk  Hot flashes are the most commonly-discussed symptom of menopause.  And yet, despite years […]

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7 Hot Things to Do with Your Hands During A Blow Job

Sure, driving him crazy down below involves a lot of tongue action, but your hands certainly have a supporting role. “Manual stimulation is a great complement to oral sex and amplifies the pleasure exponentially,” says Dr Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First and Passionista. Blow his, er, mind, with these next-level handsy BJ tips: […]