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Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See This Incredible Birthing Photo

Julie Bell, a registered nurse, certified doula and herbalist, shared a photo of a newborn baby resting on his mother’s chest, and when doing so she didn’t even question whether or not to post the remarkable photo to Facebook.  We are dead-set serious about challenging the double standard on social media, discriminating against normal birth, breastfeeding […]

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‘I Had A Baby And My Sex Life Totally Changed Afterwards’

“A baby changes everything,” you’ve probably heard your mom, friends, and even Faith Hill proclaim. And sure, it’s no secret that adding a tiny new human to your relationship can come with some major changes—both physically and emotionally. Here, 10 real women share the biggest ways their relationships shifted after having a baby. ‘IT BROUGHT US […]

Health News

Heartbroken Mum Shares Pics Of Her Labour With Still Born Son

A heartbroken mum has revealed intimate photographs of her battling through a traumatic labour while knowing her son would be stillborn. Mum-of-two Sarah Jade, 33, gave birth to son Aksel Jude at 33 weeks after he passed away in the womb following severe complications with his brain development.  Photographer Lacey Barratt captured her devastating journey from start to finish […]