Kids Health

Jessie James Decker: It's 'Tough' Figuring Out Date Nights With 3 Kids

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Personal Health

A Dry Spell Is NBD, But Here's How To Bust TF Out Of It

Picture this: A tumbleweed somersaults along a rocky desert, kicking up a mini tornado of dust and sand. Uh, be honest…does your sex life come to mind? The barren desert image is kind of cliché, but it’s also too real. Enter: the dry spell. Droughts happen. Sometimes you’re too busy or stressed (or, ya know, […]

Kids Health

French Parenting is Out, Swedish Parenting is In

Parents, you’re going to want to hear this latest batch of parenting secrets — whether or not you’re already an international aficionado who follows French parenting tips about how to get your bébé to eat their haricots and has fully outfitted your home in Danish hygge style. It’s time to turn your attention to another […]

Kids Health

Find Out What Princess Charlotte Wants to Be for Halloween This Year

Princess Charlotte is dreaming of Disney this Halloween! Duchess Kate and Prince William’s daughter has already chosen her costume, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “Kate lets George and Charlotte pick out their costumes,” the insider shares. “Charlotte, in particular, loves dressing up so is super excited and has chosen a Disney outfit.” The 4-year-old’s […]

Health Problems

Research examines how mistakes can make people ‘tune out’

Failure may not be the great teacher that conventional wisdom says it is. New research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds that, contrary to common belief, people learn less from failure than from success. “Our society celebrates failure as a teachable moment,” write the study’s authors, Prof. Ayelet Fishbach and postdoctoral […]