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Nikki Bella Bares Her 30-Week Pregnancy Belly On Instagram

Pregnant Nikki Bella is celebrating a new milestone: The mama-to-be hit the 30-week mark of her pregnancy on Thursday, and to honor the occasion, the Total Bellas star shared a photo of her bare baby bump with her Instagram followers. The slideshow post featured both a static image and video of the former WWE entertainer […]

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I’m afraid

I’m in the 34. Weeks pregnant and have anxiety. Fears in pregnancy are normal. Especially if it is the first child. The actually starts with the positive pregnancy test in Hand: Am I ready for a child? How will change the relationship to my Partner? What about my Job? The apartment is big enough? The […]

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Unintended pregnancy rates higher among women with disabilities, study says

Pregnancies among women with disabilities are 42% more likely to be unintended than pregnancies among women without disabilities, says a new report published in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Using data from the National Survey of Family Growth, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University found that females with independent living challenges, […]

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Pregnancy hypertension risk increased by traffic-related air pollution

A new report from the National Toxicology Program (NTP) suggests that traffic-related air pollution increases a pregnant woman’s risk for dangerous increases in blood pressure, known as hypertension. NTP scientists evaluated published research on the link between traffic-related air pollution, or TRAP, and hypertensive disorders broken down by pollutant measurements of TRAP, such as particulate […]

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The effect of taking antidepressants during pregnancy

Exposure to antidepressants during pregnancy and the first weeks of life can alter sensory processing well into adulthood, according to research in mice recently published in eNeuro. Physicians are increasingly prescribing a common antidepressant to their pregnant patients, even though the effect on the fetus isn’t fully known. A working theory of depression implicates the […]