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Zack Snyder Fans Raised More Than $150,000 for Suicide Prevention

Movie buffs are raising money for suicide prevention to support filmmaker Zack Snyder, who stepped down from Justice League after the loss of his daughter. For background, Snyder developed and wrote the script before leaving the project. As Men’s Health previously reported, filming for the movie finished in October 2016, and Snyder stepped down as […]

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Hypoglycaemia prevention could cut hospital stays

Preventing in-patients with diabetes from developing hypoglycaemia could dramatically reduce the length of time they spend in hospital—according to new research from the University of East Anglia and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Hypoglycaemia happens when blood glucose levels decrease to below normal levels. The researchers reviewed 15 international studies, comparing outcomes for people […]

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Cholesterol-lowering drugs under-prescribed for prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Statins, the most commonly used effective lipid-lowering drugs, are significantly underutilized to treat lipid abnormalities in patients with and at risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), according to a retrospective study of more than 280,000 patients in Alberta, Canada. Investigators report in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, published by Elsevier, that only two-thirds of these […]

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Food against dementia: 20 foods that can help

What we eat, promotes cognitive decline or stops him. The diet is therefore, in the eyes of the American neurologist, Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, the most important Lifestyle factor in the fight against Alzheimer’s. In her book, “The Alzheimer’s solution” to lead you to the best and worst food for the brain. A brain healthy […]

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Pessimism around youth suicide prevention approaches is unfounded, study shows

A comprehensive Australian study examining the global impact of suicide prevention approaches in young people has found that youth-specific interventions conducted in clinical, educational and community settings can be effective in reducing suicide-related behaviour in young people at risk. The review, by researchers at Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, has […]

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Polyester allergy: Symptoms, treatment, and prevention

In this article, we look at the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of a polyester allergy. What is a polyester allergy? A person with a polyester allergy may experience a skin reaction when they come into direct contact with fabrics containing polyester. Polyester is a widespread synthetic fiber that is common in: clothing home furnishings such […]