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Combination therapy may provide significant protection against lethal influenza

A significant proportion of hospitalized patients with influenza develop complications of acute respiratory distress syndrome, driven by virus-induced cytopathic effects as well as exaggerated host immune response. Reporting in The American Journal of Pathology, investigators have found that treatment with an immune receptor blocker in combination with an antiviral agent markedly improves survival of mice […]

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Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine offers 97% protection, Israel study finds

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer vaccine gives 97% protection for COVID-19 and is 94% effective at preventing infections from people who are not showing symptoms, Israel study finds Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE’s coronavirus vaccine prevented 97% of symptomatic cases, hospitalizations and deaths It was also 94% effective at blocking asymptomatic cases of infection  The results were […]

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Covid-19 or the flu? How the two infections differ

The number of to the Robert Koch Institute submitted influenza cases is the least at just under 18,000 (as of: 25.2.2020) and decreased compared to the previous week slightly. At the same time the number of Covid-19-cases is on the increase. The uncertainty in many people: How can the novel lung disease from the flu […]

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Vegan diet: Good for the heart

The best diet for the heart is vegan or vegetarian Around the globe, cardiovascular disease for 46 percent of deaths from non-communicable diseases are responsible, or, in other words for 17.5 million Deaths in each year. In 2018, a Review was published (a Review), according to the risk for heart disease by 40 percent, if […]