Personal Health

Five People Have Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria from the Long Island Sound—Here's What to Know About About the Rare Infection

Public health officials in Connecticut are warning residents about the risk of swimming or wading in the Long Island Sound after an “unusual number” of people became infected with flesh-eating bacteria from the water. Since July, there have been five reported cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections caused by bacteria in the water, according to a […]

Pet Care

“Rare” or “Exotic” Puppies Signal Red Flags

“Rare” or “exotic” puppies with unusually patterned or colored coats may seem enticing—but these striking and unusual qualities could signal a problem. Considering buying a dog who is “unusual,” “exotic” or “rare?” It’s critical that you dig deeper into where the puppy came from by researching the breeder and their breeding program. While puppies can […]

Health News

Therapies show knockout potential for rare, deadly liver cancer

A new study identifies some of the most critical genes that may drive a rare but deadly liver cancer, providing a road map for developing drugs that target those genes. The cancer, fibrolamellar carcinoma, accounts for 1-5% of all liver cancers, and disproportionately affects children and young adults. By the time it is detected it […]