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Focus on COVID-19 deaths in under-65s for better insights into infection rates across populations, say researchers

Simply comparing the total number of deaths across countries may provide a misleading representation of the underlying level of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, because of large differences in reported COVID-19 death rates in elderly populations in different countries. The research, conducted by scientists at the University of Cambridge and the Institut […]

Pet Care

New Research Confirms Modern Chickens Suffer from Unnatural Growth Rates

Results were released today from a first-of-its-kind study examining how broiler (meat) chickens’ breeds and growth rates influence their welfare. The study eliminates any doubt that the root of chickens’ suffering is their breeding and has the potential to improve the lives of billions of chickens who currently suffer in high numbers from injuries and […]

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Unintended pregnancy rates higher among women with disabilities, study says

Pregnancies among women with disabilities are 42% more likely to be unintended than pregnancies among women without disabilities, says a new report published in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Using data from the National Survey of Family Growth, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University found that females with independent living challenges, […]

Health Problems

Wide variation in bowel cancer rates after colonoscopies in England

Substantial variation exists between colonoscopy providers in rates of bowel cancer up to three years after colonoscopy in England, finds a study published by The BMJ today. The findings show that, reassuringly, the rates of post-colonoscopy bowel cancer have significantly reduced and are now amongst the lowest rates seen worldwide, indicating the overall high quality […]

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Study offers alternative explanation for much-heralded decline in hospital readmission rates under pay-for-performance

The decline in hospital readmission rates that occurred following the launch of a federal program designed to improve quality of care and reduce repeat hospitalizations has been lauded as proof of the program’s effectiveness. But a new analysis led by researchers at Harvard Medical School offers an alternative explanation for the outcome. The findings, published […]

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VA hospitals have lower rates of adverse events in psychiatric units

(HealthDay)—Psychiatric inpatients at community-based hospitals are twice as likely to experience adverse events (AEs) or medical errors (MEs) as inpatients at Veterans Health Administration (VHA) hospitals, according to a study published in the November issue of Medical Care. Sara W. Cullen, Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues retrospectively reviewed medical records […]