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As COVID rages, world risks losing TB gains

In the year since COVID-19 flipped the world on its head, diagnosis and treatment of another serious lung disease—tuberculosis—has plummeted, leaving experts fearful that progress in tackling that pandemic will be lost. Tuberculosis is treatable and easily diagnosed yet until COVID-19 emerged it was the world’s biggest infectious killer, leading to 1.4 million deaths each […]

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Air pollution poses risks for childhood cancer survivors

Poor air quality days significantly increase the risk of hospitalizations for respiratory issues in young survivors of cancer, according to a study conducted by researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U) and published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Better treatments—developed through research—have resulted […]

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E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke by 70%

E-cigs ARE dangerous: Vaping raises risks of stroke, heart disease and attacks by up to 70%, study finds One in 20 US adults use e-cigarettes and so do more than 11 percent of high school students  A growing body of research suggests that while they may not be as carcinogenic as combustible tobacco, e-cigs are […]

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Kava kava: Uses, benefits, risks, dosage, and interactions

Kava kava, or simply kava, has a long history of use in alternative medicine and traditional ceremonies. More recently, it has found a place in some clinical research studies. People traditionally mix kava kava with water or boil it into a tea, but it can also come as a tablet. According to the National Institutes […]

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Freckles: Causes, identification, and risks

Some people are more likely to get freckles than others, depending on their genes and skin type. If a person is genetically more likely to develop freckles, exposure to sunlight can make them appear. Freckles are common in children and may disappear or become less noticeable as they grow up. In this article, we look […]

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Coffee while breastfeeding: Safety and risks

A morning cup of coffee might help a person manage sleep deprivation, but many people worry about the effects of caffeine on their babies. However, caffeine is safe in moderation for people who are breastfeeding. In this article, learn about drinking coffee while breastfeeding, including the risks, benefits, and other sources of caffeine. Coffee and […]