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Why barefoot running may help prevent common injuries

If you’ve been opting for walks and runs lately instead of hitting the gym, here’s something you may want to consider: barefoot running. Some experts say it may prevent injuries. Peter Francis, an exercise science expert, wrote in a CNN Health article that “a growing body of evidence shows running shoes might actually be doing […]

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‘Reading’ with aphasia is easier than ‘running’

Neurolinguists from HSE University have confirmed experimentally that for people with aphasia, it is easier to retrieve verbs describing situations with several participants (such as ‘someone is doing something’), although such verbs give rise to more grammar difficulties. The results of the study have been published in Aphasiology. A common symptom of aphasia (language impairment […]

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Why you shouldn't hold your phone while running

If you’re someone who likes to clutch their phone while out for a jog, stop it. We understand it’s tempting to hold your phone when running. It’s a comfort blanket, and it feels easier to keep it in your hand to skip through all those poorly-chosen tracks on your workout playlist rather than having to […]

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Are you running short on iron?

(HealthDay)—Could you—or your teenage daughter—have an iron deficiency and not know it? If you’re getting enough sleep, but still feel tired, running low on iron could be the problem. Iron is our most common nutrient shortfall. A serious deficiency can lead to anemia. That’s when you have fewer red blood cells than normal or when […]

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Fitness trends 2019: What I think about when I must go running

I’m one of the many millennials out there who are learning to grapple with the pressures of life, especially those supposed non-existent ones that life throws at you in your twenties and early thirties. I also believe that all the uncertainty you go through in your twenties, especially post-25 and a quarter-life crisis, the dust […]

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Safety first when running outdoors

(HealthDay)—Between the fresh air and the interesting scenery, running outdoors can be invigorating. But there are safety precautions to take when you leave a protected indoor environment. The Road Runners Club of America has a wealth of advice. For starters, take some precautions before you leave home. First, tell loved ones where you’ll be running. […]

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How poor technique contributes to majority of running injuries

Of Britain’s more than 2 million recreational runners, around 1 million are falling injured annually with 500,000 ‘off the road’ at any one time. A recent study from The University of Salford’s Running Performance Clinic has found that many running injuries may be influenced by simple technique errors. The study published in the American Journal […]