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Baby talk is similar all over the world

There are vast differences in early child-rearing environments across cultures. For example, the popular French documentary Babies, which documents the life of infants in five different cultures, depicts the multitude of ways infants can be raised across different ecological and cultural contexts. These differences illustrate the reality of infants growing up in distinct contexts. Anthropologists […]

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Visual perceptual skills are updated by process similar to memory reconsolidation, study finds

A new study shows that updating visual perceptual skills—which humans rely on to recognize what they see, including potential threats, and ignore unimportant background—is an active process with many similarities to the way they stabilize memories. Published in Nature Human Behavior, the study led by Brown University researchers tested whether memory reconsolidation, observed in animals, […]

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Doctors urge caps on patient appointments

Doctors want a similar healthcare system to Sweden with just 13 appointments a day amid claims some GPs carry out up to 70 consultations on busy days GPs’ union calls for a cap on consultations so doctors can turn patients away  They say the safety of patients and ‘sanity’ of doctors is being put at […]