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Simple tests to check your feet health at home

Feet can make a lot of people squirm. But it’s important to pay attention to them – just like you’d check every other part of your body – in case there are signs that something is wrong. Roslyn Miller, a foot and ankle surgeon at King Edward VII’s Hospital, tells about some simple tests […]

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This simple finger test 'can reveal if you have cancer'

Simple finger test that can reveal if you have lung cancer: Clubbed nails which don’t create a diamond-shaped gap when pressed back-to-back ‘could be a sign of disease’, nurse warns Healthy people should see a diamond-shaped gap between their nails together Those without a gap may have clubbed fingers, which can be a sign of […]

Kids Health

Simple directions from parents can guide children’s discovery

Whether it’s probing a child’s understanding of a topic through questions or engaging in hands-on activities alongside them, parents can guide their children to learn in new ways through simple directions, according to a study by psychology researchers at The University of Texas at Austin. Prior research shows that children use both exploration and explanation […]

Health Problems

Simple drug combination creates new neurons from neighboring cells

A simple drug cocktail that converts cells neighboring damaged neurons into functional new neurons could potentially be used to treat stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain injuries. A team of researchers at Penn State identified a set of four, or even three, molecules that could convert glial cells—which normally provide support and insulation for neurons—into new […]

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The simple test that could have saved newborns like Tommy

As 1,000 babies leave hospital with undiagnosed heart conditions each year…the simple test that could have saved newborns like Tommy Aged 11-days-old, Tommy Pye, from York, sadly died of a congenital heart defect  He was born with transposition of the great arteries, but was without diagnosis  Frustratingly, his untimely passing could’ve been avoided with a simple […]