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Big data powers design of ‘smart’ cell therapies for cancer

Finding medicines that can kill cancer cells while leaving normal tissue unscathed is a Holy Grail of oncology research. In two new papers, scientists at UC San Francisco and Princeton University present complementary strategies to crack this problem with “smart” cell therapies—living medicines that remain inert unless triggered by combinations of proteins that only ever […]

Health News

3D scan is the smart way to target tiny prostate tumours

3D scan is the smart way to target tiny prostate tumours A pioneering two-in-one scanning system can detect prostate cancer accurately New technique provides detailed images, allowing doctors to see suspect areas  A study compared the new SmartTarget system with the standard MRI Both techniques picked up tumours the other didn’t, suggesting a combination of […]

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Smart clothing neutralizes odor

Heat, stressful situations or intense Training: Unpleasant perspiration odour can be embarrassing. Portuguese researchers want to remedy the situation, by modifying the substance of cotton so that it sets when in contact with sweat a Citrus Aroma. In the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces they reported their first success. Scientists around the world are […]

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A smart watch for lymphoedema management

About ten percent of all cancer patients suffer from lymphoedema, which produces swelling in the legs, arms and breasts. The ETH start-up Dicronis has developed an instrument for simple and early diagnosis of this medical condition. The young entrepreneurs behind the concept have been nominated for the ZKB Pioneer Prize. When someone develops cancer, single […]