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Patients can take treatment holidays from kidney cancer pills

Now you’re safe to take a treatment holiday from a life-saving kidney cancer pill which causes terrible side effects More than 15,000 Britons are taking daily pills to treat advanced kidney cancer The highly effective medication causes progressively worse side effects  A study has shown a treatment holiday has no impact on life expectancy   Patients with […]

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Kayak Is Here to Take You on a Wild Ride

As you may have guessed from her name, Kayak loves outdoor adventures and would love an adopter who wants to take her along! The people who know Kayak best tell us “she has a relaxed and sweet demeanor,” “loves sitting down and relaxing by the river” and “enjoys watching boats and other things on beautiful […]

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Take your best shot: Which SARS-CoV-2 vaccine should you get?

Vaccine hesitancy continues to be a hurdle in the development of widespread immunity within the U.S. population as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine have developed a computerized decision analytic model to compare projected outcomes of three vaccine strategies: a patient opts for a messenger […]

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Dutch take big step towards ending COVID curbs

The Netherlands on Friday announced further easing of a raft of measures to combat coronavirus, including an end to mask-wearing in most places. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the country was “taking a big step” towards a life without restrictions, from June 26. “Almost everything is possible at a distance of 1.5 metres,” he added. […]

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Here’s How Long It Should Really Take You To Fall Asleep

According to the American Sleep Association, 50 to 70 million adults nationwide have a sleep disorder, with insomnia being the most common. And while the association reports that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, Harvard Health Publishing points out that factors such as stress, pain, and diet can keep people from […]

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Researchers take issue with study evaluating an AI system for breast cancer screening

In a new perspective piece “Transparency and reproducibility in artificial intelligence” published this week in the journal Nature, an international group of scientists including CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) Associate Professor Levi Waldron raised concerns about the lack of transparency in publication of artificial intelligence algorithms for health applications. […]

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MPs challenge Prime Minister to take action on Long Covid

MPs are urging the Prime Minister to address the health, wellbeing and employment arrangements for those living with Long Covid. Writing in The BMJ today, Layla Moran MP, and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) group on coronavirus, says she wrote to the Prime Minister on 24 August after receiving first-hand accounts from hundreds […]