Pet Care

Taking on the World Nose-First

Ollie V. was not looking to adopt another cat, in fact, they had been actively trying not to “foster fail.”  Having been an ASPCA foster caregiver since April 2020, fostering eight cats alongside their two resident cats, Ollie had “carved out a niche” for shy and special needs cats. So, when they came across a […]

Pet Care

USDA Commits to Taking Action on Inadequate Organic Welfare Standards

After more than three years since hard-fought improvements to the National Organic Program (NOP) were rolled back, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Vilsack announced the agency’s intention to take up improved standards that had been addressed under the since-withdrawn Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule. The USDA must revisit these issues in order […]

Health News

Regeneron co-founder on the antibody cocktail Trump is taking to fight coronavirus

Regeneron chief scientific officer on the experimental cocktail Trump is taking to fight coronavirus President Trump's physician is treating his coronavirus diagnosis with Regeneron's experimental treatment and his one infusion "seemed to go through very well" and "will last a long time," the company's chief scientific officer explained to "CAVUTO Live" Saturday. White House physician Dr. Sean Conley and other […]

Health Problems

The effect of taking antidepressants during pregnancy

Exposure to antidepressants during pregnancy and the first weeks of life can alter sensory processing well into adulthood, according to research in mice recently published in eNeuro. Physicians are increasingly prescribing a common antidepressant to their pregnant patients, even though the effect on the fetus isn’t fully known. A working theory of depression implicates the […]

Health News

Ovarian cancer: Taking regular low-dose aspirin can lower risk

The team found a 23 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer in women who reported that they had recently been frequently taking up to 100 milligrams of aspirin, compared with women who had taken none. However, the team discovered no links between “standard-dose” aspirin use (325 milligrams) and ovarian cancer risk. There was a suggestion, […]