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Early warning system to avert COVID-19 lockdowns

Scientists are developing a coronavirus early warning system that could prevent future lockdowns by combining data on vaccine uptake with wastewater testing. The project will better forecast the COVID-19 pandemic’s trajectory, allowing experts to identify potential hotspots early, predict stresses on hospitals and ICUs, and create more focused access to vaccines. Despite the success of […]

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Why health experts aren’t warning about coronavirus in food

Chicken with salmonella can make you sick. So can romaine lettuce with E. coli and buffets with lurking norovirus. So why aren’t health officials warning people about eating food contaminated with the new coronavirus? The answer has to do with the varying paths organisms take to make people sick. Respiratory viruses like the new coronavirus […]

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Questions about the romaine warning? Here are some answers

Avoid all romaine lettuce, but don’t worry about your turkey. With two food poisoning outbreaks making headlines before Thanksgiving, the messages about what’s safe to eat can be hard to keep straight. Here’s what you should know before you sit down for dinner. WHAT LETTUCE OUTBREAK? On Tuesday, U.S. health officials issued an unusually broad […]

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FDA Issues Warning on Pet Reactions to Common Flea Medicine

FRIDAY, Sept. 21, 2018 — Flea medicines protect your pet, but some animals can have serious side effects from products containing isoxazoline, U.S. health officials warn. Although most dogs and cats handle this powerful pesticide just fine, others can have severe reactions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday. Isoxazoline products have been associated […]

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Scientists create warning signs people will suffer from frailness

Old before your time? Scientists have put together five warning signs middle-aged people will suffer from frailness in retirement Being inactive, obese and a smoker are the three biggest causes of frailness Having high levels of proteins that mark inflammation also boost the risk Living alone in middle age almost doubles the risk of frailty […]