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Pediatrician discusses the importance of vaccines

With vaccinations a major topic of continuing interest in mainstream news, we asked Dr. Jody Terranova, a pediatrician and assistant professor of pediatrics at UConn Health, to provide some insight, exploring several different angles of the ongoing discussions. What is the importance of being vaccinated? Vaccines save lives. Immunizations protect against diseases that cause significant […]

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Midwives key to promoting vaccines, but more training is needed

A new study shows many midwives receive little or no training on how to communicate to expectant parents the importance of maternal and childhood vaccines despite being the most trusted source of information on vaccines in the Australian public antenatal system. The research led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found that while midwives support […]

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Merck reports surging sales of vaccines and key cancer drug

Surging sales of vaccines and the cancer immunotherapy drug Keytruda led to a quadrupling of profit at Merck during the first quarter as it blew past Wall Street expectations. Sales of Keytruda jump 55% to $2.27 billion, about one-quarter of its total revenue. During the quarter, the injected biologic drug racked up U.S. approvals as […]

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Developing a vaccine against Nipah virus

Nipah virus is a type of RNA virus transmitted from animals to humans. The infection causes severe respiratory illness and symptoms including cough, headache and fever, which can progress into encephalitis, seizure and coma. Currently, there is no approved vaccine against Nipah virus available on the market. In recent years, outbreaks, from bat-to-human or pig-to-human […]

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Research explains public resistance to vaccination: Same force that influences economics and physics complicates efforts to prevent disease

Why is it so challenging to increase the number of people who get vaccinated? How does popular resistance to vaccination remain strong even as preventable diseases make a comeback? A new study from Dartmouth College shows that past problems with vaccines can cause a phenomenon known as hysteresis, creating a negative history that stiffens public […]

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Millennials are more sceptical of vaccines

Millennials are more sceptical of vaccines because they haven’t been ‘exposed to the reality of a number of diseases’ Those aged 18-24 are 24% less likely to think vaccines are safe than the over-65s People between 25 and 34 are 39% less likely to be convinced of jabs’ safety Older people see vaccines as the […]

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HPV vaccination does not negatively impact fertility in adolescents, large study finds

Adolescents who receive recommended vaccinations, including for human papillomavirus, have no increased risk of primary ovarian insufficiency, also known as premature menopause, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published today in Pediatrics. Rates of HPV vaccination have lagged behind coverage rates for other recommended adolescent vaccinations, such as tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis (Tdap) and meningococcal conjugate. Based […]