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Experience Jack and Roses Epic Love Story as You Sail on the Titanic II

When we talk about classical romance stories, we often think about those heart-wrenching epic love stories like Romeo and Juliet (of the same title) and Jack and Rose from the movie Titanic. We’re moved by the sacrifices they made for the ones they love.

At one point in our lives, we’re wondering how it would feel to be the ones in their shoes. Or if not, at least hope we get to visit these iconic venues and feel their undying love. Well, look no more since we ‘re set to experience one of these classical romance stories! Reminisce about Jack and Rose’s epic love story as you get on board the Titanic II Vessel!

The Ship of Dreams

The Blue Star Line made the first announcement of creating and replicating the famous and luxurious sunken Titanic ship in 2013. The team started the creation of Titanic II, but the operation was later on suspension due to some financial constraints. Now that the financial issues have been resolved, the building of the vessel has resumed this year and is expected to sail in 2022!


Start saving your money now to fulfill your bucket list of boarding the Ship of Dreams.

According to the chairman Clive Palmer, the ship will also follow Titanic’s route, carrying the passengers from Southampton to New York. However, the new vessel will circumnavigate the globe to enchant and inspire the people to discover mysteries and unrivaled sceneries at every post the ship visits. Palmer revealed the realization of the Titanic II launching had always been his dream.

Titanic’s History

RMS Titanic was one of the most prestigious passenger liners in the world, and it attracted some of the world’s richest people to sail on it. Its maiden voyage commenced on April 10, 1912, as it left Southampton, England. More than 2,200 people aboard the ship on its way to New York City.

Four days later, the luxurious ship met an untimely end as it struck an iceberg in the south of Newfoundland and sank. Out of the 2,200 people on board, more than 1,550 people lost their lives due to the incident.

The Blockbuster Epic Movie

The epic and untimely tragedy became the center plot of multiple films, including the highly acclaimed and award-winning James Cameron’s 1997 drama entitled “Titanic” starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Like what you’ve seen in the movie, the Titanic II ship will have the same cabin and interior layout including its iconic Grand Staircase. However, Palmer teased how the ship would also incorporate modern safety features and procedures as well as 21st-century state-of-the-art technology to ensure it won’t meet the same fate as the original ship.

Titanic achieved worldwide critical and commercial success since it was released on December 19, 1997. Aside from the portrayal of the forbidden story between two people from different social classes, the heart-wrenching scenes as people rush for their survival had moved the people’s hearts.

The film was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and tied with All Above Win. It also won 11 Oscar awards and nomination including Best Director and Best Picture. Titanic also became the highest-grossing film of all time, breaching the billion-dollar mark until Avatar surpassed it in 2010. Perhaps not so surprisingly, Avatar was also directed by James Cameron himself.

The Conflicting Reactions

Since the announcement was made, millions of people all over the world, especially the Titanic fans, took to social media to voice out their mixed reaction. One Twitter user expressed how he’s excited to book a ticket and go on a voyage as they recreate the feeling of sailing the famous ship. Meanwhile, another user said she would rather fly an airplane than to sail on the ship in horror of meeting the same fate.

Another user also commented on how the Titanic II vessel would be way safer to board thanks to the modern safety features we have today. Finally, one user says she will save some money to purchase a ticket in hopes of finding her true love there.

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