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Brian Austin Green's Comments About Raising a Gay Son Should Have All Parents — & People — Taking Notes

Brian Austin Green has learned and grown so much as a father raising a gay son, and his words of wisdom should be shared not just with fellow parents, but with people all over the globe.

On Monday, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum chatted with Lance Bass during an episode of the *NYSNC singer’s podcast, Frosted Tips. Green opened up about the eye-opening journey he’s experienced from raising his eldest son Kassius Lijah, 21, who’s proudly out as a gay man.

As the actor and musician were talking about parenthood, Bass praised the way Green has navigated fatherhood, particularly as a dad who put in the work to understand his role as a parent of a gay child.

“You have to be the coolest dad. Like, I couldn’t imagine my dad being Brian Austin Green,” Bass joked before turning serious. “You’re so open-minded — ’cause your 21-year-old is out and gay and proud, and he was so lucky to be able to be in your family because so many kids out there don’t get that,” the podcast host said. “And even if their parents accept them, there’s a lot of times where the kid still knows that they still disagree with it,” Bass added.

“It’s been fascinating,” Green shared. “It’s been a challenge just because honestly, my son being gay, it was unknown for me,” he admitted before adding, “I think a lot of people are afraid of the unknown, whereas I’m not. To me, it’s intriguing. And I want to learn about it.”

Describing their dynamic and his own epiphany, the dad of five shared, “I would get into these conservations with Kash where it was like, I really wanted to understand the things that seemed so different to me at first. And then you realize like, ‘Oh, this isn’t different at all.’ It’s just your choice of partner.” Green poignantly added, “It doesn’t affect me at all.” Say it again for the people in the back! A person’s choice of partner is no one else’s business, point blank period.

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Green reiterated the truth of it all, sharing, “And that’s the thing I’m always trying to beat into people now — it does not affect you.” He continued, “Why do you care so much? And why are you trying to somehow bully your feelings and your opinion into something that literally does not affect you at all?”

This is a hill we, too, will die on. A person’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with anything but them and their partner. Why a person being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc., bothers random strangers so much is completely beyond us. Like… mind your own business! It’s so bizarre.

Green shares Kassius with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil. Additionally, he has three sons with ex-wife Megan Fox: Noah Shannon, 11, Bodhi Ransom, 9, and Journey River, 7. In 2022, the actor also welcomed a son, Zane Walker, with his fiancée Sharna Burgess.

These celeb parents are so proud of their LGBTQ kids.

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