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If Youre A Leo, This Is The Type Of Person You Shouldnt Marry

If you happen to be born between July 23 and August 22, your sun sign is Leo (via InStyle). That means you’re a natural leader who thrives in the spotlight. Since you exude “warmth and creativity,” according to Co-Star Astrology, you’re also someone people like to be around.  That can be a good thing when it comes to […]

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How A Tiny Dog Healed A Huge Loss

Margaret with her daughters Taline and Nora, after adopting Cosette. In April 2020, Margaret J. suffered the greatest loss of her life when her husband of 21 years—and father to their two daughters, Taline, 20, and Nora, 17—died of COVID-19. “He was my Harry,” says Margaret about her husband, who emigrated to the United States […]

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Health experts warn of a rise in the vomiting bug norovirus

Norovirus outbreaks are THREE TIMES higher than usual as top experts warn winter vomiting bug is making a comeback this summer because of the easing of Covid restrictions Norovirus is a highly infectious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhoea Cases were nearly triple the five-year average of 53 in week ending July 5 Experts have describe […]

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Helping a Pet Owner in Miami, One Cat at a Time

Like many of his animal-loving neighbors in Liberty City, Miami, Anthony “Tony” D. watched eagerly as the ASPCA Community Veterinary Center (CVC) was being constructed. “I’ve lived in the Liberty City area for a number of years and watched the Center go up,” says Tony. “I looked forward to its opening.”  Recommended: Study shows positive […]

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Chief Needs a Home!

Want to help a well deserving dog live his best life? Meet Chief! Described by his previous family as “a big teddy bear,” Chief hasn’t really been a fan of the shelter. We want nothing more than to get him into a home where he can let that teddy bear side shine, and we’re calling […]

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Where’s Wally? In a New Home!

Cat and Justin were looking to expand their family by four paws but were having trouble finding the right canine to fit their family. After months of looking for a mellow, older companion for their five-year-old Labrador-mix, Finn, they remained optimistic and hoped that the right dog would eventually cross their path. One fateful day […]