Pet Care

Bill to Help Victims of Animal Fighting Reintroduced in U.S. House

The ASPCA’s ongoing work to stop the horrific cruelty of animal fighting is multi-faceted. Through our efforts supporting law enforcement, prosecutors, and veterinarians to combat this crime, we know firsthand that rescuing victims from animal fighting is just the first step in a long journey toward rehabilitation. Unfortunately, in federal animal-fighting cases, this journey can […]

Pet Care

Animal Welfare Groups Impacted by Pandemic Bolstered by ASPCA Funds

Organizations nationwide have been assisted by the our  COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Initiative, a multi-million dollar effort benefitting pets and animal welfare groups affected by the pandemic. Our response is a lifeline in emergencies like this, and thanks to our ASPCA Guardians, we can reach animals and communities who desperately need us. As part of the […]

Health News

Novel approach reduces SCA1 symptoms in animal model

Research has shown that a mutation in the ATAXIN-1 gene leads to accumulation of Ataxin-1 (ATXN1) protein in brain cells and is the root cause of a rare genetic neurodegenerative disease known as spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1). How healthy cells maintain a precise level of ATXN1 has remained a mystery, but now a study […]

Pet Care

Animal Businesses Must Be PREPARED for Major Disasters—Take Action!

blog_prepared-act_020719_main.jpg Whether it’s wildfires in the West, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast or tornadoes in the Midwest, the ASPCA has seen firsthand the severe toll disasters have on people and animals. Our Field Investigations and Response team is committed to ensuring communities are not only prepared before disasters, but are supported as they recover by aiding homeless […]

Health Problems

Study reveals how stress can curb the desire to eat in an animal model

Eating disorder researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have discovered a neurocircuit in mice that, when activated, increased their stress levels while decreasing their desire to eat. Findings appear in Nature Communications. The scientists believe their research could aid efforts to develop treatments for a serious eating disorder called […]