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Selfless behavior relieves pain

Something to do for others without expecting a counter-performance: From previous studies we know that altruistic behavior can produce well-being, such as because the happiness hormone dopamine is released. Now, researchers in a number of completely different experiments have established that such activities can also dampen the sensation of pain. The researchers describe four different […]

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Asking if behavior can be changed on climate crisis

One of the more complex problems facing social psychologists today is whether any intervention can move people to change their behavior about climate change and protecting the environment for the sake of future generations. Now researchers Hanne Melgård Watkins at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Geoffrey Goodwin at the University of Pennsylvania report after […]

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Zooming in on neuronal behavior

There are more than 86 billion neurons in the brain. These cells communicate by sending electrical and chemical signals across pathways and are responsible for controlling everything from simple movement to the processing and storing of complex thoughts and memories. The sheer enormity of this neural network makes the brain a difficult frontier for exploration, […]

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Develop your personal skills: New research offers lessons for young people heading for university

New research on the importance of non-cognitive skills — such as conscientiousness, self-esteem and feeling in control of one’s life — for graduates’ earnings potential offers important lessons for young people receiving their A-level results. The study by Gerda Buchmueller and Professor Ian Walker, of Lancaster University Management School, confirms previous evidence on the importance […]

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Scientists use phone movement to predict personality types: New research reveals how patterns of mobile phone movement say a lot about your personality type

RMIT University researchers have used data from mobile phone accelerometers — the tiny sensors tracking phone movement for step-counting and other apps — to predict people’s personalities. RMIT University computer scientist Associate Professor Flora Salim said previous studies had predicted personality types using phone call and messaging activity logs, but this study showed adding accelerometer […]

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Research questions link between unconscious bias and behavior: ‘Implicit bias’ is often cited as the underlying cause of discrimination;a new look at the evidence suggests the connection isn’t that strong

A new study calls into question the effectiveness of a popular concept for addressing social problems such as discrimination. Implicit bias, a term for automatically activated associations, is often perceived to be a primary cause of discrimination against social groups such as women and racial minorities. Identifying and understanding implicit bias and modifying behavior that’s […]

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Many choices seems promising until you actually have to choose: UB research explains motivation factors contributing to choice overload

People faced with more options than they can effectively consider want to make a good decision, but feel they’re unable to do so, according to the results of a novel study from the University at Buffalo that used cardiovascular measures and fictional dating profiles to reach its conclusions. Despite the apparent opportunities presented by a […]