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Meghan King Edmonds Wishes Coparenting With Jim Edmonds Was Going 'Better'

Room for improvement. Meghan King Edmonds admitted that her coparenting relationship with Jim Edmonds isn’t perfect. “I wish it was better,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 35, told Us Weekly exclusively on Friday, January 17, while promoting her, Brooke Burke and Lila Darville’s iHeart Radio “Intimate Knowledge” podcast. The former reality star and […]

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Breakfast for better grades

Up to two grades better students are if you days at the school before ten o’clock something to eat. The surveys by researchers at the University of Leeds among young people of secondary school in the UK. For the study, 294 students aged 16 to 18 years were questioned about their eating habits. 29 percent […]

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Kidney cancer study uncovers new subtypes and clues to better diagnosis and treatment

The researchers used the most advanced genomic and proteomic technologies available to tease out their proteogenomic characteristics, defined as genetic makeup (genomics), chemical modifications to DNA (epigenomics), messenger RNA located in cells that serves as template to make proteins (transcriptomics), and proteins (proteomics) and their modification by phosphate group (phosphoproteomics), a modification known to regulate […]

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7 Sex Positions That are Even Better with Sex Toys

When bringing sex toys into the bedroom, you don’t want to overthink it, but there are logistics to consider — namely, what sex positions you should use them with. Not all sex positions pair seamlessly with all sex toys. For example, if you’re engaging in a little penetrative missionary, throwing a dildo in the mix […]

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Tiny bubbles in our body could fight cancer better than chemo

Healthy cells in our body release nano-sized bubbles that transfer genetic material such as DNA and RNA to other cells. It’s your DNA that stores the important information necessary for RNA to produce proteins and make sure they act accordingly. These bubbly extracellular vesicles could become mini treatment transporters, carrying a combination of therapeutic drugs […]